"Featuring a rich palette of colors and intricately detailed patterns, Gomez's realistic acrylic paintings deftly depict the lovely saris at the center of Makhijani's simple story... Narrative and art pay satisfying tribute to a treasured tradition." - Publishers Weekly

"A pleasant offering about family traditions that depicts a positive interaction between mother and daughter." - School Library Journal

"Bright glowing saris float across the pages and frame this loving mother and daughter as they share memories and appreciate the beautiful fabrics and patterns." - Kirkus

"The Hindi phrases are clearly defined in an introductory glossary, making this both a good choice for Indian children seeking stories about themselves and a welcome introduction for kids of all backgrounds. The story's universal themes transcend cultural specifics, though. Many kids will relate to the little girl who uses grown-up outfits to try on grown-up identities, and Gomez's paintings, as richly colored and patterned as Indian cloth, show the love and closeness as mother and daughter remember the past and think about the future together." - Booklist

"Luscious, rich and drenched in memory, Pooja Makhijani's gorgeous picture book is carefully illustrated in colors and textures in tune with its subject, the six-yard draped garment known as the sari... Makhijani captures the childhood longing to grow up, dress up and make believe, all at once, and she contextualizes it against the backdrop of the Indian-American experience." - Children's Literature

"Mama’s Saris is a beautifully illustrated children’s book about a young girl mesmerized by her mother’s luscious sari collection, yearning to play dress-up, to grow up to be like just like her mother... Reading this book, I remembered my mother helplessly shooing me away as I tried to catch the gold lights in her party saris with my grubby hands…and the time we went shopping for the first sari I could call my very own… That’s it. I’m off to go call my mom before I embarrass myself by dissolving into a flood of sentimental tears right here." - Sepia Mutiny

"Try this bonding experience in silk and cotton, zari and pleat and fold. Pooja captures perfectly that childhood longing to grow up, dress up, make believe. A glossary for those who need it, an author's note for the grownups. But young girls will go for the luminous color and the deftly wrapped text, and moms who don't have saris on hand might need to extend their dress-up wardrobes. The art by Elena Gomez shines." - Uma Krishnaswami on Writing With A Broken Tusk

"All my childhood memories came flooding back when I read Mama’s Saris, Pooja Makhijani’s dazzling new picture book about a young girl whose dress-up dreams come true. The pages of this book dance with color and spin with sparkly designs—thanks to Elena Gomez’s paintings that showcase the beauty of a timeless Indian dress... Mama’s Saris is a touching tale about growing up and about every young girl’s dream of following in her mother’s footsteps. Snuggle up and read it with your Mama. Then ask her to open her suitcase of saris and tell you a story about each one!" - Sandhya Nankani in Kahani

"With simple language and just the right words, she conveys better than anyone what it can mean to a daughter to find herself made into the image of her mom... Extra points for the rather nice glossary of terms, also at the front of the book, that defines everything from what a didi is to chaniya choli, alongside pronunciations. As for the text itself, it really does convey the yearning many a little girl feels towards becoming as glamorous as her mother. Add in the extra delight of dress-up and you’ve got yourself a book that speaks to all kids of all persuasions." - A Fuse #8 Production

"It's a simple story on the surface of things, but the text speaks volumes about growing up, mother-and-daughter relationships, and family traditions. Elena Gomez' s warm, lush paintings fit Makhijani's text perfectly and bring the saris and mother and daughter to life. Mama's Saris is a lovely, heartfelt debut and not to be missed." - Big A little a

"The story by Pooja Makhijani is simple and filled with small details that inspire wonder in a little girl’s mind. And the drawings by Elena Gomez are often gorgeous." - Amitava Kumar

"The warm mother-daughter connection that Pooja portrays so lovingly makes the book a great Mother's Day gift, not to mention birthday present." - Chicken Spaghetti

"The text and the illustrations flow together just as beautifully as the pleats and folds of an elegantly clad sari." - Saffron Tree