Selected Clips



On the choice to remain childfree, in VICE

On dance, aging, and immigration, in CityLab

On mental health and teen pregnancy, in VICE

On international development jargon, in The Development Set

On mental health and proximity to water, in VICE

On therapeutic gardens and horticultural therapy in Singapore, in CityLab.

On postpartum mood disorders and women of color, in BuzzFeed.

On mothering and mental health in Asian America and in Asia, in The Washington Post.



On tahri, a traditional sweet, aromatic rice prepared on Cheti Chand, the Sindhi New Year, in NPR.

On Patricia Tanumihardja, writer, blogger, and cookbook author, in Spoonful.  

On Indian "mother sauces," in Food52.

On South Asian eats in Central Jersey's Hindu and Sikh temples, in The Courier News.

On Chitra Agrawal, founder of Brooklyn Delhi and cookbook author, in Edible Brooklyn.

On the history of jalebi, in GOOD FOOD

On Syria Supper Club and food as resistance, in Quartz.

On pakwan dal (a Sindhi breakfast), in Extra Crispy

On cheese and immigrant acculturation, in Spoonful Magazine.

On North Indian flatbreads, in The Kitchn.

On my late grandmother and goat brains for breakfast, in Extra Crispy

On ecology and agriculture in rural New Jersey, in The Courier News.

On the Rotimatic, a robot roti-making machine, in The Kitchn

On chili peppers and black peppercorns in South Indian cuisine, in The Kitchn

On Buffalo wings, in Roads & Kingdoms

On Malabar cuisine, in Lucky Peach

On Sindhi kadhi, in Lucky Peach.

On bitter melons and "exotic" foods, in Paste Magazine

On visiting, and eating in, Little India, in Serious Eats



On tennis and family traditions, in espnW

On Diwali and making new traditions, in

On reading and rereading, parenting and transitions, and the end of summer, in

On the term "third culture kid," in Expat, the Wall Street Journal‘s expatriate and global nomad blog.

On modern medicine and modern motherhood in Singapore, in POSKOD.SG



On Chinese New Year celebrations in Bridgwater, New Jersey, in The Courier News.

On the "Asian Detective Novel", in Literary Hub

On co-working and suburbia, in CityLab.

On Marina Budhos, novelist, essayist, and journalist, in Brooklyn Magazine

On Diwali celebrations in Bridgewater, New Jersey, in The Courier News.

On Singaporen comic book artist Sonny Liew, in Southeast Asia GLOBE

On celebrating Diwali in Singapore, in The Aerogram.

On Western privilege, race, and books, in The Rumpus

On literary travel and Singapore, in Eat This Poem

On children's books in translation, in Asymptote.

On spending a weekend in Singapore, in Paste Magazine

On children's books and race privilege in Singapore, in Quartz

On Balli Kaur Jaswal, Singaporean Sikh novelist, in Scroll

On Naomi Hirahara, mystery novelist, in The Life Sentence

On the last train to Tanjong Pagar, in Speakeasy, the Wall Street Journal‘s media, entertainment, celebrity, and arts blog.